What is sales design

Customer Journey Mapping

It all starts here. Map your customer's journey to ensure they are supported well at each leg of their journey. Sales is, after all, purchase assistance.

Org Structure alignment

Roles and responsibilities, if not aligned well to the customer's journey can hurt sales. Days of end-to-end customer relationship are fading. Specialization along the journey helps scale up sales.

Process Design

The sequential steps in aiding the customer's purchase journey. Get into the granularities for success.

Content & Messaging Design

Whatever hits the customer's 5 senses influences purchase. Design in a compelling manner for success.


Relying on intuition for sales will almost always backfire. Adopt tools and measure success metrics at every stage of your customer's journey.


Good old training. Delivered in a modern way so that sales reps remember what they have been trained on. Read more here.

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